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The ICBO Evaluation Service, Inc. (ICBO ES) has long been one of the most reputable and authoritative organizations involved in the accreditation of building products. Products are able to bear the ICBO ES Evaluation Report Number only after an exhaustive set of tests, designed to prove out mechanical and fire safety properties, have been successfully completed and thoroughly documented.

To ensure that customers who get all of the value they expect, it is necessary for manufacturers to develop a detailed quality manual and rigorously adhere to the requirements of this manual. They are also inspected on a periodic basis by a third party quality control inspection agency. The ICBO Field Service Group audits the third party agency to ensure that they are doing their job in assuring product quality.

This fastidious attention to careful product design and meticulous quality of manufacture cannot be assured in equipment that is made "using the ICBO Report merely as a guideline," but which does not actually carry an ICBO ES Report Number.

These claims typically indicate that the stringent testing required by ICBO ES has not been performed, often because it is very expensive. In fact, the "made to ICBO ES standards" claim is misleading, since only products bearing the official ICBO ES Report Number are subject to ICBO ES review process.

The ICBO ES material requirements for the "Acceptance Criteria for Class V Duct Conveying Non-Flammable Corrosive Fumes and Vapors" requires joint vacuum and pressure tests, flexural and tensile mechanical property testing of laminates that are typical of both the interior and exterior of the duct.

The exterior of the duct must demonstrate an ASTM E-84 smoke developed index of less than 50. These properties have been attained by laminates prepared using DION FR 9300 flame-retardant vinyl ester resin. While demonstrating these properties does not, of itself, qualify a fabricator using DION FR to attach the ICBO Report 4055 stamp to their products, it is the critical first step in the process.

BEVERLY PACIFIC COMPANY has qualified their ducting under the provisions of ICBO ES Report 4055. This is a breakthrough for them and end-users wishing to buy the highest quality Class V ducting. FRP Class V ducting has many advantages compared with metal ducting and ducting based on phenolic resins. Metal ducting requires expensive alloys or specialized coatings that are vulnerable to abrasion and subsequent corrosion.

Phenol-formaldehyde (phenolic) based ducting lacks corrosion-resistance. One way to protect vulnerable phenol-formaldehyde ducting is to use a thin layer of vinyl ester resin on the inside of the duct. Unfortunately, any small imperfection in the thin vinyl ester layer exposes the underlying phenol-formaldehyde resin to chemical attack. Exposure to even a minor fire inside the duct will consume this thin corrosion barrier, thus compromising the corrosion-resistance of the entire duct. In addition, the exterior of the phenol-formaldehyde duct may be attacked by comparatively mild conditions, such as heat and humidity.

Ducting that incorporates internal sprinklers will quickly extinguish minor fires, and preserve the utility of the duct. In addition, FRP composites manufactured using DION FR 9300 readily withstand the corrosive effects of most vapors. By using DION FR 9300 throughout the duct, customers are assured of the highest quality chemical-resistance, and many years of trouble-free service.


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